Benefits of Group Running

Why Group Running?

Group running is a fantastic way to stay active and get healthy, all while enjoying your local running community!

Whether it's with one or two close friends or a mob of folks, running with other individuals has many benefits and rewards.

Safety In Numbers

Running with a group provides a number of extra benefits, one of which is additional safety.

First, a large group has increased visibility on the road, making it easier for drivers to spot you. Additionally, your running partners will be able to support you in case of illness or injury. Heat illness, which runners can develop while exercising in very hot environments, has warning signs such as loss of color that will be noticed earlier by a running buddy. And, on the chance you hurt yourself, your running group will be able to help you address the injury. 

Get Up and Go — And Keep Going!

Running groups also provide an incredible amount of encouragement! Your running partners can provide extra motivation, helping you to continue running when you may otherwise stop.

A running buddy can help you regulate your pace and breathing, especially since you may be talking with them while you run.

Running groups are also a fantastic source of knowledge; your group can share information about local routes, new workout techniques, or upcoming races.

Training with a group is also great when you are working towards goals ranging from faster times to longer distances to a specific race.

Additionally, running with a group increases your accountability, keeping you from skipping runs since you know someone else is counting on you. This is especially helpful during winter months, when the weather may make you want to stay inside!

Create Lasting Relationships

Last but not least, group running has many wonderful social aspects. It provides an opportunity to meet up with friends on a regular basis, and is also a great way to meet new people who share your interest in running.

Running with a group can not only make your run safer but can also help push you to your full potential, all while building community and adding a fun, social aspect to your workout.

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