Is It Time For New Shoes? When Should I Get New Running Shoes?

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We often find ourselves being asked by customers as to when shoes should be
replaced. We have covered that topic here before, and it certainly is worthy of

The conventional answer is that a pair of running shoes will last between 350-500
miles. That's quite a large range, as some people can get more from a pair of shoes
and others can expect less. For most folks, they can reasonably expect about 350-
375 miles, some may get 400. Anyone on our staff at FLEET FEET can go over your
specific situation to help you determine the optimum usage for you.

A simple self-inspection of your shoes can help you determine what stage of life they
are at. Take your thumb and press down in the middle of the forefoot on the bottom
of each of your shoes. When you press if there is some resistance, chances are your
shoes still have some life in them. If when you press, the material feels much like a
marshmallow, then you will want to be thinking about a new pair.

Another test you can do is to press the sides of the forefoot of each shoe. If, when
you press the top and bottom between your thumb and forefinger there is some
resistance, that is good. However, if you can press the top and bottom together like
an accordion, or id it feels marshmallow like, then you may want to pick up another pair.

Keep in mind that a visual inspection of the bottom or outsole is NOT a good way to
gauge if your shoes are worn out or not. The technology of the shoe is in the midsole and that
wears out long before the outsole does. If your outsole is worn, your shoes are way
past their “time.”

Customers often tell us that relatively new shoes have lost cushioning. Insoles in
most running and walking shoes wear out long before the shoe does, (most last only
about 75 miles) so, you may have the feeling that your shoes are shot. If you feel
that way, by purchasing a new, quality insole, you will be able to restore some of the
"cushion feeling."

If you're ever in doubt, bring your existing shoes into FLEET FEET and we can help
determine their status.

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