7 Quick Tips for Running in Cold Weather

Here's to staying well and warm during your winter runs!

Winter running can be a nice change from the sweltering dog days of summer. Here are 7 fast tips for staying well and warm during your wintertime runs!

#1: Visibility

As it gets dark earlier in the day, increasing your visibility is important. Even early evening runs after work can leave you in the dark. At a minimum, wear bright-colored clothing (whites and neons show up best). Do not wear all black; it is nearly impossible to see running "ninjas"!

The small reflective areas on shoes and some clothing is not enough to keep you visible to oncoming cars. Make sure your torso is highlighted by a reflective vest, and bonus points for having reflective bands near your hands and ankles.

In addition to wearing bright clothing and reflective equipment, lights provide the final layer of safety and nighttime protection. Strobe lights for your front and back, headlamps, lightweight flashlights and even phone flashlights will alert cars and other pedestrians to your activity. The benefit of additional lighting can keep your path looking clear and prevent running off surface or onto dangerous surfaces.

#2: Technical Clothing Still Matters

Although the hot summer days are behind us for now, it's still important to wear technical clothing that will allow you to sweat while also wicking away moisture. Even with the dropped temperatures, your body will become warm with exercise and still sweats! Stay safe by wearing clothing that wicks away moisture in cold temperatures. Check out this guide on how to layer clothes for running in cold weather

Read why cotton is rotten and why we advocate wearing technical running clothing

#3: Stay Warm with Layers

New technology in winter running clothes means outdoor winter running workouts no longer require wearing lots of heavy and uncomfortable clothing. Layering is a great way to ensure you stay comfortable throughout your workout, as it allows you to remove or add a layer as needed.

Let one of our running specialists help you find the winter clothing and gear you need for your best performance!

#4: Warm Up

We recommend performing a series of dynamic stretching to warm up your muscles in preparation for your run. This will help raise your core temperature a bit before you begin your route, as well as jump-start those cold muscles and keep them performing well in the cold weather.

Read more about the best type of stretching for runners

#5: Hydrate - It's Still Important!

Just because it's no longer scorching hot outside doesn't mean hydrating isn't important!

Although you may need to adjust your water intake, be sure you are drinking enough water to stay hydrated during your workout.

#6: Don't Ice Skate

Winter is a prime time for slippery surfaces. Patches of ice and snow can remain in shadowy areas when most other areas have cleared up. Also take caution of wet leaves, as these can be especially slick areas even without frost.

Wearing a headlamp can help highlight areas to avoid if you run anytime it's dark out. 

#7: Turn Your Post-Run Cool Down into a Warm Up

Staying warm post-run is an important safety measure — it can be deceiving since your heart rate is up, blood is pumping and you feel warm. Safely bringing down your core temperature after a run can be achieved by:

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