How to dry wet running shoes

I was running in the rain and my shoes got drenched. How do I dry them?

That happens quite often,  and the solution is easy!

When your shoes get wet, remove the insoles (or orthotics if you wear them) and loosen the laces. Pull the tongue of the shoe forward so that air can easily circulate throughout the shoe.

Then, place the shoe in a dry place. Never apply artificial heat to your shoes to dry them such as from a blow dryers, base board heaters, radiators etc., as they will ruin your shoes.

If they are extremely wet, you can insert some dry newspaper into them for several minutes and the paper will blot some of the moisture from your shoes. Remove the paper and then dry as stated originally.

Congratulate yourself! Wet shoes are a badge of honor. You were out running when most wouldn't even venture outdoors!

Consider having a second pair to rotate. It will assure you that you have a dry pair ready for your next run.

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