Fitlosophy! You’ll never find it in the dictionary, but you can find it alive and well in Fleet Feet Mahwah

Our team at Fleet Feet Mahwah is dedicated to ensuring that runners and walkers of all abilities are fit with proper shoes and technical apparel to meet their individual needs.

It’s the idea that when true fit is achieved, performance follows. At Fleet Feet Mahwah, Fitlosophy is much more than a process or procedure, it’s a way of doing business. And it’s why our customers keep coming back.

We live, breathe, eat, and sleep FIT.

Fitlosophy represents how we conduct business, and our philosophy surrounding fit. A focus on fit surrounds everything we do including:

  • Helping you find the right footwearsports bra and apparel fit
  • Delivering community and customer service initiative that fit yours and our core values
  • Creating a store environment that fits with where YOU like to shop!
  • Partnering with vendors to deliver product needs that fit with your needs

We know that being fit in the right shoe is an important step to preventing injury and enhancing your fitness experience. Whether you're just beginning a walking program, training for your first marathon, or are on your feet all day and require comfort — we can help.

Shoe fitting at Fleet Feet Sports Mahwah.

How Do We Help?

We listen carefully to your fitness goals and interests, take into consideration any aches and pains, and evaluate your experience with your current footwear. Size matters! We measure your feet, and assess your foot type. Using our treadmill, we'll videotape your gait. With all of this information, we will make expert individualized footwear recommendations. We'll NEVER use a footscanner to fit you

Plan to spend some time working with us to identify the right solution for you. If you've never been fit by us, plan at least 30 minutes for a shoe fitting. We'll take as much time as necessary to insure you are properly FIT! Be sure to bring your orthotics if you wear them!

Stop in and experience for yourself, why Fleet Feet Mahwah has earned it's reputation for excellence in customer satisfaction! You and your feet will be glad you you made the trip!

How We Fit You To Help Prevent Injury and Enhance Performance!

Much like regular exercise is vital to fitness and health, foot health is important to your overall well-being. Unfortunately, healthy feet is a subject many people don't think about enough, and some take for granted. At Fleet Feet Sports Mahwah, helping you find the right fit is our 'Fitlosophy'. We believe that choosing proper shoes for running, walking, or any athletic activity is a key step to sustaining an injury-free, enjoyable fitness program.

Helping You Select the Proper Footwear For Your Athletic Activity

 1. You can't judge a shoe by its color! Shoes fall into one of three categories: neutral, stability, or motion control. Wearing a shoe with too little stability or too much stability can cause numerous problems such as plantar fasciitisshin splints and IT band strain, and over time, more severe problems. It is important to select a shoe appropriate for your foot biomechanics, not based on color or style.

2. We ask you to be willing to share information. We'll discuss any injuries or nagging pains you are experiencing as well as other factors that can impact your feet. What shoes and styles have worked well for you in the past? What shoes have caused problems? Bring your current shoes to the store.

3. We measure your feet each time you purchase shoes. Feet change as you age. Life changes such as childbirth, weight change, and general aging can cause gradual changes to your feet. The size and style that worked for you in the past might not be the best option anymore. We will measure your foot and we will also video analyze your gait and watch you foot biomechanics, so we can narrow down which shoes are best for you.

4. Don't forget your orthotics. If you wear an orthotic, be sure to bring them along. It will be important to have your orthotics on hand so we can help you select a shoe that compliments your orthotic properly.

5. Size matters! Athletic shoes should allow for a thumbnail length between your longest toe and the end of the shoe. The flex point in the shoe should bend at the ball of your foot and your heel should remain stable and not move in and out of the shoe. We'll invite you try the shoe for a short walk or run, on our treadmill.

6. We’ll show you how to check the wear of your shoes regularly. The midsole of a shoe is made of a foam material which overtime compresses and breaks down. As a shoe breaks down, the shoe does not offer the same stability and benefits as it did on Day 1. Every individual is different but runners and walkers should replace their shoes every 300-375 miles. Checking and changing your shoes is one of the best ways to continue with a healthy fitness program and avoid the doctor's office.

Regardless of your level of fitness, smart choices in shoes can make a significant difference in the enjoyment of your fitness activities and everyday life. Proper fitting shoes can mean the difference between pain and discomfort and injury-free activities. Doctors and podiatrists play a significant role in diagnosing and aiding pain and discomfort; however, simply choosing the right shoes is a major step toward comfort.

Foot Facts: Did You Know That?

  • 90% of women wear shoes that are too small
  • 80% of women wear shoes that are painful
  • Women are nine times more likely than men to develop a foot problem because of improperly fitting shoes
  • Tight shoes contribute to 90% of foot problems in women

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