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Did you know that 80% of women wear the wrong size bra? Are you one of these women? If so, we can help!

Life and body changes like weight change, pregnancy and breast feeding are just a few of the factors that impact your breast shape and size. Surprisingly, the average woman has only been measured for a sports bra 3 times in her entire life!

The average life of a sports bra is 6-12 months and sports bras that are dried in the dryer last even less!Furthermore, you should be measured for a sports bra at least once a year!

For women, the right sports bra is as important as the correct shoe.

Bra Fitlosophy at Fleet Feet Sports Mahwah.


Support - If you're a small, medium, or large-breasted woman choosing a bra that provides proper support and shaping is critical. Also, different activities result in different degrees of movement. The higher the impact level, the more support you'll need.  

Comfort – A good sports bra should feel comfortable, stay in place, and not chafe. The straps should not dig into the shoulders and the band around the lower chest should not shift or bind.  

Moisture Control and Breathability - A good sports bra will wick sweat away from the skin and then dry quickly. It will be breathable, allowing perspiration and excess heat to pass through. A good sport bra will keep you cool and dry when it's hot, and dry and warmer when it's cold.

FLEET FEET  Mahwah offers a wide range of high impact bras from Champion, Moving Comfort and Saucony. We have several styles, colors and sizes! (From 32A to 40DD)

Our staff can help fit and measure you to determine the proper bra for you. We have full knowledge of every bra on our bra wall and certainly have something for everyone. We know how they fit and which bra suits which physique. No more chafing, bouncing or discomfort. Let us help you.

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 Here's how to care for your sports bra to maximize it's life!

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