The Runner's Toolbox & First Aid Kit

These items are great tools to keep you running pain- and injury-free!

Insoles sold at Fleet Feet Sports MahwahSuperfeet Footbeds

Premium insoles cradle your heel's fat pad for better natural shock absorption. They also help to stabilize your subtalar joint (at the back of your arch) for a more efficient and supported medial arch. The insoles marry the shape of your foot to the shape of the shoe, providing a better fit and a more comfortable run or walk. There are several options of Superfeet insoles to fit into your running or walking shoes, as well as your dress shoes (flats and heels). One pair of insoles typically lasts for two pairs of shoes, and they can be worn in many other types of shoes like ski/snowboard boots, skateboarding shoes, and casual athletic shoes.

Runner's toolbox at Fleet Feet Sports Mahwah.The Stick

The Stick is like a toothbrush for your muscles. Use it daily to roll out knots all over your body, especially the quadriceps, hamstrings, calves and shin muscles. "Massage" your muscles with The Stick to stimulate blood flow and increase flexibility. Learn more about stretching for runners

The Strassburg Sock

The Strassburg Sock is a simple yet highly effective product for the treatment of plantar fasciitis heel pain. When worn overnight or during periods of rest, the sock will provide a complete controlled stretch of the plantar fascia in a flexed position. Wearing the sock overnight will help eliminate those first few painful steps when you get out of bed. The Strassburg Sock also provides relief from Achilles tendonitis and chronically tight calf muscles.

The Foot Wheel

The Foot Wheel provides the many documented benefits of trigger point therapy and myofascial release. Its purpose is to stretch and relax the plantar fascia (bottom of the foot) and extinguish myofascial trigger points. While standing on carpet or a heavy towel, place your foot on the Foot Wheel and roll your arch back and forth, using your body weight to apply gentle pressure as needed.

Runner's toolbox at Fleet Feet Sports Mahwah.2nd Skin

Despite the great lengths we take to prevent them, sooner or later we may raise a blister. 2nd Skin is a blister treatment developed by Spenco. It is designed to keep the wound moist in order to promote proper healing and keep you as comfortable as possible until you can run or walk again.

Body Glide sold at Fleet Feet MahwahBody Glide

This skin protectant creates an invisible barrier on your skin to prevent blisters, chafing or any skin discomfort caused by friction.



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