10K Training

What's next after you graduate from No Boundaries?

Simple! It's "Running 101" Our 10K Training Program!

Accept a new, exciting and FUN challenge!

Meet new friends!

Q? Already run a 5K? Maybe even want to pick up where you left off from No Boundaries? Learn how to run farther and faster?

A: If you answered "yes" to any of the above, then our 10K program, "Running 101" is for you! 

Join Fleet Feet Sports Mahwah to accomplish finishing your first 10k. This program is geared toward  moderately active runners, but welcomes anyone who has already accomplished the 5k distance.  We'll have pace groups so that there will be a running partner at any level of intensity in the program. "Running 101" is a 12 week training program that builds you up to reaching your 10k distance goal while also providing you with motivation to keep you moving, guidance and advice, weekly group training runs , and educational clinics on topics such as proper nutrition, choosing the right gear, and avoiding injury. Plus, you’ll have the camaraderie of others just like you. This is a fun and rewarding program!

Our 2014 program will have it's kick-off run on Saturday, August 2 and target the Paramus  Run 10K on October 19, 2014. There will be an info session to answer any questions you might have on Monday, July 28th at 6:30PM at Fleet Feet. RSVP for the info session. 

Additional participant info:

  • Participants need to have a minimum of a 5K mileage base as this is not a  running program for first time runners.
  • You'll receive weekly group training runs coached by runner(s) who have accumulated miles of experience at this distance.
  • Runs are held Saturday mornings, at 7:30AM. Most will originate from Fleet Feet Mahwah. A few longer runs will originate at other local venues.
  • You'll have pre-run clinics covering topics on how to approach this distance, as well as re-inforcing what you already know, but may have forgotten.
  • There will be pace groups for different levels of ability, with mentors running along with you at YOUR pace.
  • Track workouts may be included to help you learn to pace, to run faster, in a way to minimize the risk of injury
  • You'll receive a detailed schedule outlining each days activity during this 12 week program
  • Cost of the program is $120--$100 for Fleet Feet Training alumni  The cost does not include race entry fee. 
  • For your safety, each runner must have a form of personal ID on them, that includes contact information, in case of emergency.
  • Having FUN is a must!

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